Spherical Bearings

Spherical bearings, sometimes referred to as swivel joints and radial bearings, support linear, reciprocating, or oscillatory motion. Often, these bearings are used to support a rotating shaft that must rotate both axially and angularly within the bore of the inner ring. We offer spherical bearings in a range of materials, including oil-impregnated bronze, steel alloys with brass or copper alloy inserts, and polymers.

Our plastic polymer spherical bearings are self-aligning and do not require lubrication. They have an operating temperature range of -22°F to +176°F (-30°C to +80°C). Injection-molded from high-performance plastics, these bearings are used in various applications where lubricated metal bearings are not suitable. They are lightweight, vibration dampening, and provide excellent performance in water, chemicals, and harsh environments. The spherical ball is made of wear-resistant L280® polymer, and the housing is made of shock-resistant reinforced plastic. These bearings can operate at speeds up to 100 ft/min (30.48 m/min) due to a low friction coefficient. 80% lighter than steel, they have a high strength-to-weight ratio and a long service life. The pivoting capability offers many design advantages and simplifies assembly.

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