Sleeve Bearings

Also known as bushing and plain bearings, sleeve bearings are a one-piece design that reduces friction, is lightweight, compact, and absorbs vibration (as well as noise) between components, facilitating either rotary or linear motion. Our sleeve bearings are offered in a variety of materials, including polymers, sintered bronze, aluminum, and machined PTFE; they are also available with Frelon® or PTFE liners.

When used with steel shafts, sintered bronze sleeve bearings offer a low coefficient of friction. They are suitable for heavy loads and high temperatures. Distortion can be greatly reduced by using a metal bushing lined with Frelon® or PTFE.

With a temperature range of -400°F to 500°F, Frelon®, a PTFE compound, provides outstanding strength, low wear, low friction, and self-lubrication. Frelon®-lined bearings frequently have an aluminum housing and are resistant to corrosion.

PTFE has the ability to retain constant torque as a bushing. PTFE is also an insulating material that is resistant to chemicals and corrosion and has a high heat tolerance. PTFE is hydrophobic and has an extremely low coefficient of friction.

Molded polymer is a lower-cost option that is nonconductive, maintenance-free, and self-lubricating by comparison. They are perfect for washdown applications in the food and medical industries. However, sleeve bearings made of plastic are susceptible to breakage under heavy loads and are only suitable for light loads. Plastics are not suitable for high-temperature applications either, due to the heat thinning and weakening of the plastic material.

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