Spherical Pillow Block Bearings

Spherical Pillow Block BearingsSpherical Pillow Block Bearings


Body: Thermoplastic
Ball: L280® Polymer

-40°C to +130°C

Bore Tolerance:
  5 &   6 mm +0.068/+0.020
  8 & 10 mm +0.083/+0.025
12 to 18 mm +0.102/+0.032
20 to 30 mm +0.124/+0.040

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Product NameCatalog PDFA1Bore Size (d)Distance - Base To Center. (H₁)HMaterial (Body)Material (Ball)Max Angle Of Pivot (Degree)Max Static Ten.- Long Term (N.m)Overall Length (L)Overall Width (A)StockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
S61GPBM0508 80505077.pdf6 mm5 mm7 mm14 mmThermoplasticL280® Polymer30 Degree347 N.m34 mm8 mm Call Us
S61GPBM0609 80505077.pdf7 mm6 mm10 mm20 mmThermoplasticL280® Polymer29 Degree547 N.m43 mm9 mm Call Us
S61GPBM0812 80505077.pdf9 mm8 mm10 mm20 mmThermoplasticL280® Polymer25 Degree649 N.m47 mm12 mm 1
S61GPBM1014 80505077.pdf10.5 mm10 mm14 mm28 mmThermoplasticL280® Polymer25 Degree747 N.m62 mm14 mm Call Us
S61GPBM1226 80505077.pdf12 mm12 mm14 mm28 mmThermoplasticL280® Polymer25 Degree1099 N.m65 mm26 mm Call Us
S61GPBM1429 80505077.pdf13.5 mm14 mm18 mm36 mmThermoplasticL280® Polymer23 Degree1197 N.m82 mm29 mm Call Us
S61GPBM1621 80505077.pdf15 mm16 mm18 mm36 mmThermoplasticL280® Polymer23 Degree1499 N.m86 mm21 mm Call Us
S61GPBM1823 80505077.pdf16.5 mm18 mm22 mm44 mmThermoplasticL280® Polymer23 Degree1748 N.m93 mm23 mm 2
S61GPBM2025 80505077.pdf18 mm20 mm22 mm44 mmThermoplasticL280® Polymer23 Degree2349 N.m98 mm25 mm Call Us
S61GPBM2228 80505077.pdf20 mm22 mm24 mm48 mmThermoplasticL280® Polymer22 Degree3047 N.m108 mm28 mm Call Us
S61GPBM2531 80505077.pdf22 mm25 mm27 mm54 mmThermoplasticL280® Polymer22 Degree3296 N.m124 mm31 mm Call Us
S61GPBM3037 80505077.pdf25 mm30 mm32 mm64 mmThermoplasticL280® Polymer22 Degree4048 N.m139 mm37 mm Call Us

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