Needle Roller Bearings

Needle roller bearings are comprised of long cylinders, known as needles, which have small diameters in comparison to the needle length (about 4:1) and are held in a retainer. Additionally, because they are thinner, less space is needed between the shaft and neighboring elements.

Needle bearings prevent friction between moving parts in applications with high speeds and high radial loads and therefore typically require a lubricant (click here to view available lubricants). The bearing is contained within an outer ring that is drawn from low-carbon steel. The hardness, precision, and polish of the shaft must match those of the bearing races perfectly for the needle rollers to function properly.

Needle roller bearings are commonly found in the transportation, aerospace, and industrial markets.

A broken apart needle roller bearing showing the individual components of the bearing. These are labled left to right as Needles and Retainer

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