Thin-Section Ball Bearings

Thin Section Angular Contact Style Ball BearingsThin Section Angular Contact Style Ball Bearings

52100 Chrome Steel
Angular Contact Single Bearings
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Product NameCatalog PDFAxial Load Rating (lbs)Ball QuantityBore (d)Maximum Axial (rpm)Maximum Radial Load (rpm)Outside Diameter (D)Radial Load Rating (lbs)StyleWidth (W)StockPriceQtyAdd to Cart
BBXANG-KA020ARO qbc 58.pdf800 lbs362.00010500 rpm10500 rpm2.5000320 lbsAngular Contact0.2500 Call Us
BBXANG-KA025ARO qbc 58.pdf900 lbs442.5008400 rpm8400 rpm3.0000365 lbsAngular Contact0.2500 Call Us
BBXANG-KA030ARO qbc 58.pdf1100 lbs523.0006000 rpm6000 rpm3.5000410 lbsAngular Contact0.2500 Call Us
BBXANG-KA035ARO qbc 59.pdf1100 lbs603.5005142 rpm5142 rpm4.0000450 lbsAngular Contact0.2500 Call Us
BBXANG-KA040ARO qbc 59.pdf1275 lbs684.0004500 rpm4500 rpm4.5000490 lbsAngular Contact0.2500 Call Us
BBXANG-KA042ARO qbc 59.pdf1300 lbs724.2464235 rpm4235 rpm4.7460510 lbsAngular Contact0.2500 Call Us
BBXANG-KA045ARO qbc 60.pdf1350 lbs764.5004000 rpm4000 rpm5.0000525 lbsAngular Contact0.2500 Call Us
BBXANG-KAA10ARO qbc 58.pdf430 lbs281.00021000 rpm21000 rpm1.3750147 lbsAngular Contact0.1875 Call Us
BBXANG-KAA15ARO qbc 58.pdf525 lbs401.50014000 rpm14000 rpm1.8750182 lbsAngular Contact0.1875 Call Us
BBXANG-KAA17ARO qbc 58.pdf600 lbs461.75012000 rpm12000 rpm2.1240198 lbsAngular Contact0.1875 Call Us
BBXANG-KB020ARO qbc 58.pdf1175 lbs312.00010500 rpm10500 rpm2.6250450 lbsAngular Contact0.3125 Call Us
BBXANG-KB025ARO qbc 58.pdf1500 lbs382.5008400 rpm8400 rpm3.1250525 lbsAngular Contact0.3125 Call Us
BBXANG-KB030ARO qbc 58.pdf1700 lbs443.0007000 rpm7000 rpm3.6250570 lbsAngular Contact0.3125 Call Us
BBXANG-KB035ARO qbc 59.pdf1875 lbs513.5005145 rpm5145 rpm4.1250635 lbsAngular Contact0.3125 Call Us
BBXANG-KB040ARO qbc 59.pdf2000 lbs584.0004500 rpm4500 rpm4.6250700 lbsAngular Contact0.3125 Call Us
BBXANG-KB042ARO qbc 59.pdf2050 lbs614.2464250 rpm4250 rpm4.8710705 lbsAngular Contact0.3125 Call Us
BBXANG-KB045ARO qbc 60.pdf2175 lbs644.5004000 rpm4000 rpm5.1250740 lbsAngular Contact0.3125 Call Us
BBXANG-KC040ARO qbc 59.pdf2200 lbs494.0005275 rpm5275 rpm4.7500860 lbsAngular Contact0.3750 Call Us
BBXANG-KC042ARO qbc 60.pdf2300 lbs524.2464240 rpm4240 rpm4.9960900 lbsAngular Contact0.3750 Call Us
BBXANG-KC045ARO qbc 60.pdf2500 lbs554.5004000 rpm4000 rpm5.2500910 lbsAngular Contact0.3750 Call Us
BBXANG-KD040ARO qbc 59.pdf3900 lbs364.0005250 rpm5250 rpm5.00001350 lbsAngular Contact0.5000 Call Us
BBXANG-KD042ARO qbc 60.pdf4100 lbs384.2464940 rpm4940 rpm5.24601400 lbsAngular Contact0.5000 Call Us
BBXANG-KD045ARO qbc 60.pdf4300 lbs404.5004620 rpm4620 rpm5.50001450 lbsAngular Contact0.5000 Call Us
BBXCRC-KA020CPO qbc 55.pdf0 lbs272.0000 rpm10500 rpm2.5000320 lbsConrad0.2500 Call Us
BBXCRC-KA025CPO qbc 55.pdf0 lbs332.5000 rpm8400 rpm3.0000365 lbsConrad0.2500 Call Us

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